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As the Summer holidays are nearly upon us, hopefully this warm weather will continue and to cool you down, how about trying to make ice lollies with this easy recipe guide.

EquipmentPicture of an inflatable lolly pop.

The only equipment you need is:

  • an appropriate ice lolly shaped container – you can buy ice lolly moulds from Overt Locke or in various other places, or you can simply reuse an old yogurt pot and pop a lolly stick in each of them.
  • a freezer
  • the ingredients

  Recipe Ideas

Ice lollies are SO easy to make! All you need is a liquid substance that you would usually drink and freeze it! Here are some ideas:

  • the simplest idea is to use squash. Usually it’s best to make it a bit stronger than you would drink it so the flavour comes through.
  • make a smoothie by blending fruit and adding yogurt or milk to it. This is also a good way of getting fruit into your diet.
  • you can freeze yogurt, which tastes amazing!
  • if you want to make an adult style ice pop you can include alcohol in it, for example makes up some gin with tonic water, juice of a lime, sugar to taste and add cucumber slices and raspberries to decorate.

With all of the above you can add fruit and garnishes as suggested in the gin example. Just be careful that your ice lollies don’t contain a high amount of alcohol as they won’t freeze!

So, experiment and have fun! Remember, ice lollies don’t just have to be for kids!

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