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About moths

Moth season is generally between May and October, so right now we are in the thick of it. They eat our woolens and chomp through our carpets, so quite rightly, moths do not have a good reputation and are seen as pests to get rid of.

The quandary is, do we deter or kill these moths? In recent years we have become more loving of nature, so even pests are out of bounds to kill for some people. On the other hand, moths are not an endangered species, and the other view is that killing them is quicker, simpler and in the long run you have less moths to pester you than if you allowed them to live!

Understanding what moths look for in a home can help to deter them coming in and laying their eggs. Female moths love home where there is food waste, pet hair and natural carpets to munch on, so keeping your home clean and tidy will definitely help. They also like nooks and crannies to hide in, which is why they go for your wardrobes, but also in cracks in floor boards, fireplaces, under furniture, behind curtains etc. They also love the light, so leaving your windows open with the light on is an open invitation to them.

How to naturally prevent

There are several ways you can naturally prevent a moth infestation. One way is to have a spring clean and tidy out your wardrobe and drawers, clean them and put some nice smelly items in your wardrobes, such as herbs, potpourri or they also don’t like cedar wood.

Products we sell to deter moths naturally

How to kill moths

There are several products on the market you can use to kill moths. We have a variety in stock.

Products we sell to kill moths

Persistence is key

Wether you choose to kill moths or deter them naturally, persistence is the key. They will always be around, but you can win the battle if you keep on top of it. Keep on checking under sofas, in your wardrobes and behind your curtains and hoover your carpets and rugs regularly. If you need any help with what product is best for you, please pop in and ask or give us a ring on 01458 272626.