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Dri-Pak is a company with core value’s of making their products traditional, natural and sustainable whilst keeping the cost down. More people are now using reusable bottles to cut down on plastic, and also save money from buying bottled water. In this article they give tips on how to clean out your bottles and keep them fresh.

Top tips

Their top tips are:

  • to make sure your bottle is washed up after use and to leave it to completely dry before storing
  • leave the top off the bottle
  • use soda crystals once a month to wash it out thoroughly, using a bottle brush
  • soda crystals also help to get rid of tannin marks from tea and coffee

Overt Lockes tried and tested top tip!

Our top tip for getting rid of tea and coffee stains in mugs and other household items is:

Link to Dri-Pak’s page with more info.

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