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This Euroscrubby is a must have for the home and one of our top selling products. It is recommended by both staff and customers, with many coming back to buy more for their friends and family, and more for themselves for different uses throughout the house and garden. At just £3.25 for the medium sized Euroscrubby, this is a worthwhile investment to make cleaning a breeze!

The Euroscrubby is an excellent cleaning tool to have as it is abrasive, yet is safe for items such as non stick pans. It gives amazing results on removing stubborn food stuck to pots and pans and scrubbing the chits and dirt from potatoes.
It’s also environmentally friendly and can be washed just like a dishcloth.

As mentioned before, it is one of our top selling products. We have sold a whopping 587 in under 2 years!

Pop in store to buy. We now have an extra large one for those Euroscrubby fanatics!