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Feeding birds naturally

Did you know that you can feed wild birds in a more Eco-friendly way by planting certain plants such as:

  • Amaranthus
  • Wild Millet

This allows the birds to forage their seed naturally in a safe environment.

Birds actually prefer foraging for their seed as bird tables are usually placed in the middle of the garden where cats and other predators are more likely to see them. Plants and trees provide more cover to hide among.

Add mulch to your garden to attract worms and feed your garden naturally

You can also help attract more worms to your garden by adding mulch around your plants. Do this by adding bark and well rotted manure on top of your soil. There are many benefits to this such as:

  • helps to retain moisture in your soil
  • suppresses weeds
  • improves soil texture
  • gives a decorative finish

Bark and manure are also biodegradable substances so they will rot down into your soil and gradually release nutrients.

It’s a win-win!

So, birds can forage naturally, you get some lovely plants and a more attractive, Eco-friendly garden with less maintenance! It’s a win-win!